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Königlich am Chiemsee

Jewels of Romantic Europe

Experience Munich, the buzzing Bavarian capital, which is wellknown for its charm, outstanding museums, world famous theaters and orchestras, magnificent churches and palaces, lovely parks and gardens and of course for its great shopping opportunities. In contrast move further south and enjoy the serenity of the Bavarian country-side and the beautiful castles along the way to the Austrian border. Climb Germany‘s highest peak, the Zugspitze and take in the amazing view.


When crossing the Austrian border find yourself in Austria‘s leading holiday region south of Bavaria. Tirol provides an insight to Central European life with a unique blend of nature and culture. Proud peaks and picturesque valleys, rugged rocks and green pastures, sparkling mountain lakes and gorgeous glaciers have captivated people from all over the world since time immemorial.
Among other things but above all it is the unique bavarian livestyle to live and let live that maintains Bavaria’s role as the number one tourist destination in Germany. From Coburg to Kempten and from Würzburg to the Bavarian alps the state offers a variety of options unparalleled throughout the whole of Germany: mountains and forests, lakes and rivers, plains and alpine heights.
Bavaria proves to have everything: nature, culture, age old traditions and state-of-the-art, a fashionable lifestyle and an abundance of adventure tourism. Bavaria is a “brand” all on its own.
Why wait? Fly in and discover the Jewels of Romantic Europe!